Facing dynamic issues such as biotechnology, water use and antibiotic use in livestock, brave KFB members took on the task to improve and sharpen their communication skill set.  On March 7 and 8, members completed Kansas Farm Bureau’s Communications, Media and Spokesperson (CMS) training.  The class members each presented a formal presentation on their selected issue, followed by intensive training on presentation development and delivery.  These same issues were used to craft messaging and apply skills in handling media interviews, preparing legislative testimony and fielding questions.  

As we we prepare our members to share their stories, this training aims to provide the tools to use personal examples, statistics and key messages to make their messages stand out and connect with relevant audiences. Our KFB members must be able to provide credible information and share their own story of agriculture through various outlets.

We congratulate the 2016 class which include Cammie Vaupel, Stafford County; Valerie Visser, Riley County; Linda Franklin, Sherman County; Nicole Small, Wilson County; Megan Pringle, Cowley County; Kelsey Pagel, Jackson County; Lisa Kuehn, Montgomery County; Sheryl MacNair, Hodgeman County; and Amy France, Wichita County.