Agriculture: Get in the Game!

General knowledge of agriculture is important for all students. Through Agriculture: Get in the Game, students spin the wheel to select one of eight categories of agriculture trivia questions. The student will therefore learn about the science of agriculture as well as how it relates to their own life.

Design your own Agriculture: Get in the Game program today! Here’s what you’ll need:

Kansas teaching standards for Agriculture: Get in the Game! -  Standards for Grades 5-7

Standard 1: Science as Inquiry

  • Benchmark 1: The student will demonstrate abilities necessary to do the processes of scientific inquiry.
  • Indicator 3: The student identifies the relationship between evidence and logical conclusions.
  • Benchmark 3: The student will analyze how science advances through the interaction of new ideas, scientific investigations, skepticism, and examinations of evidence of varied explanations.
  • Indicator 2: The student evaluates the work of others to determine evidence which scientifically supports or contradicts the results, identifying faulty reasoning or conclusions that go beyond evidence and/or are not supported by data.

Standard 3: Life Science

  • Benchmark 5: The student will observe the diversity of living things and relate their adaptations to their survival or extinction.
  • Indicator 1: The student concludes that species of animals, plants, and microorganisms may look dissimilar on the outside but have similarities in internal structures, developmental characteristics, chemical processes, and genomes.

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