KFB's Safety Mission:

To increase awareness among farm and ranch families about the inherent danger of agricultural life and to eliminate attitudes and/or behaviors that lead to accidents or an unhealthy lifestyle.

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Farm/ranch parents can use new checklist to keep kids safe


Parents want to protect their children and keep them safe, but for parents involved with agriculture this can present challenges. Each farm and ranch is unique, and so is each child. Addressing hazards to children in the agricultural environment requires an individual approach.

2018 Agricultural Safety Awareness Program (ASAP Week)


The 2018 Agricultural Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) Week will be celebrated March 4-10. The theme for the week will be “No One Can Take Your Place” and will highlight a different safety focus each day of the week.

Agricultural Youth Work Guidelines Help Kids do the Job Safely


Youth doing work that doesn’t match their developmental level and abilities increases the risk of injury. Children, teens, and adults working on farms face hazards not encountered in other jobs. Use these guidelines to help determine if a youth is ready to perform a job and learn more about hazards and keeping working youth safe.

2017 State Safety Poster Program


In an effort to reduce accidents by developing "safety-minded" youth, Kansas Farm Bureau has sponsored a Safety Poster Program since 1950.

2017 Farm Fatalities in Kansas


There have been 10 fatal agriculture related incidents reported in Kansas this year.