Children's Book Series

Children's Book Series

Kailey's Ag Adventures

Follow the travels of Kailey as this city girl visits the farm.  These educational books offer a fun way for young people,  parents and teachers to learn more about agriculture. 

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Milk Comes from a Cow?

This book was written to educate young people, parents and teachers about where our food comes from. It is the intention of Kansas Farm Bureau (the publisher) to improve the public's knowledge about the importance farming and ranching plays in our quality of life. There are teaching aids available for this book located on Kansas Farm Bureau's official website. This book is not only educational, but fun. The book features Kailey, the author's cute little red-haired granddaughter. Kailey takes the readers on a fun tour of milk production. We invite you to join Kailey for her exciting adventure!

The Soil Neighborhood

The Soil Neighborhood is the second in a series of children's books. The first book in the series, titled, Milk Comes From a Cow?, began Kansas Farm Bureau's initiative to educate young people about the importance of agriculture in their lives. In this book, Kailey (the author's cute little red-haired granddaughter), discovers why soil is so important. Please join Kailey with her discovery!

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Farmers and Ranchers Care about their Animals!

For generations Kansas farmers and ranchers have cared for and nurtured their livestock. These dedicated men, women and children work from sun up to sunset - every day of the year - to ensure animals on their farms and ranches receive the best care possible. Farmers and ranchers are dedicated to producing the healthiest livestock. Doing so provides the highest quality and safest food on the planet. To find out more about these Kansas farmers and ranchers, please join Kailey, Addie and their Grandma in their discussion about the care of these farm animals. This book is the third in a series of award-winning books that were originally underwritten by the Kansas Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture.

Celebrate Wheat

Celebrate Wheat continues the adventures of city girl Kailey as she learns about agriculture. In this fourth book of Kailey s ag adventures, birthday girl Kailey celebrates with a pizza party and learns all about the wheat that goes into making her delicious pizza. Colorful illustrations and beautifully shot photos explain the life cycle and importance of this crop.

Growing Up Strong

Growing Up Strong is book number five in the award winning series, Kailey's Ag Adventures published by Kansas Farm Bureau and written by Dr. Dan Yunk. Through colorful illustrations Growing Up Strong focuses on making smart choices when it comes to nutrition and exercise. This book encourages children to make healthy choices in their lives. Growing Up Strong is book number five in the Kailey's Ag Adventures series. Celebrate Wheat was published in 2010, Farmers and Ranchers Care about their Animals! in 2009 and The Soil Neighborhood in 2008. In 2007, Kansas Farm Bureaus original effort titled Milk Comes from a Cow? began this initiative to educate young people about the importance of agriculture in their lives. Kansas Farm Bureau would like to thank the Kansas Health Foundation for its primary sponsorship of Growing Up Strong. We are thankful for their continued work and commitment to their mission of improving the health of all Kansans.

Kailey's Pig 'Tales'

Kailey’s Pig ‘Tales’ follows Kailey and her cousins as they learn about pig farming from farmer Rich. They see how pigs are taken care of on the farm and the many things pigs provide us including pork chops, ham and bacon.

Kansas Farm Bureau would like to thank the Kansas Pork Association for being a primary sponsor of Kailey’s Pig ‘Tales.’

Jobs Farmers Do

The seventh book in “Kailey’s Ag Adventures,” shows us the many jobs a farmer and rancher must know how to do including caring for the soil and farm animals and keeping up on the latest technology. Ask any farmer and they’ll tell you there’s no day that’s exactly like the last. They must be experts in many things.

Kailey's Ag Adventures

Kailey's Ag Adventures is a hard-cover book that includes all five books in the award-winning Kailey series including:

  • Milk Comes from a Cow?
  • The Soil Neighborhood
  • Farmers and Ranchers Care about their Animals
  • Celebrate Wheat
  • Growing Up Strong

Each story tracks Kailey and her adventures as she learns about agriculture and the farmers and ranchers who produce our food. Hard-cover