Did You Know We Grow Pizza in Kansas?

Students should understand where the food they consume is produced and the health benefits associated with it. Using this instruction kit, the breakdown of a pizza is used to illustrate the different food groups, where they are produced, and how they benefit your body.

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Kansas teaching standards for Did You Know We Grow Pizza in Kansas? Standards for Grades K-2

Standard 1: Science as Inquiry

  • Benchmark 1: The student will be involved in activities that develop skills necessary to conduct scientific inquiries.
  • Indicator 4: The student asks and answers questions about objects, organisms, and events in his/her environment.

Standard 3: Life Science (related to “Growing Your Own Pizza Sauce” activity)        

  • Benchmark 1: The student will develop an understating of the characteristics of living things.
  • Indicator 2: The student observes life cycles of different living things.
  • Indicator 3: The student observes living things in various environments.

Standard 5: Science and Technology

  • Benchmark 1: The student will use technology to learn about the world around them.
  • Indicator 1: The student explores the way things work.

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