Make it Magnetic : How to Attract and Keep Unbeatable Volunteers

Created by the American Farm Bureau Federation

This board game was designed by the American Farm Bureau Federation to help state and county Farm Bureaus improve the volunteer experience. Make it Magnetic explores what factors build positive experiences for volunteers and what factors prevent members from getting involved. Your goal is to follow the path a volunteer might take, moving through various leadership positions to be the first to reach the finish.

This game is a tool for volunteers and staff to help improve volunteer opportunities in county and state Farm Bureaus. It focuses on the four key areas of Opportunity, Perception, Communication and Experience. It is intended to be a rich source of ideas for designing specific strategies to attract volunteers and keep them engaged and active.

While Make it Magnetic is designed as a stand-alone learning tool, there is a workshop that can be used in conjunction with the game. The Make it Magnetic facilitation kit includes instructions and materials for using the game as part of a 90-minute workshop. On it's own the game takes about 30 minutes to play, and is a useful tool to use during a board or committee meeting to open discussion about effective volunteer recruitment.

The Make it Magnetic board game and the 90-minute training program can be purchased for $10 plus shipping and $5 plus shipping, respectively. To order, please contact Bobby Hall at (202) 406-3705 or

Design your own Make it Magnetic program today! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • "Make it Magnetic" board game
    • Request this resource from KFB, at no charge, for two weeks

Questions? Contact the Agriculture Education Division at 785/587-6150.