These materials are used to first explain where food is produced, and leads to germ information. The students will see the germs that build up on their food using the Glitterbug light and lotion.

Design your own GlitterBug safety program today! Here’s what you’ll need:

Related Materials:

  • GlitterBug script
  • GlitterBug Demonstration Kit (If your county does not have a demonstration kit most Extension offices have one they will let you borgrid-x or you can visit to purchase one of your own.)

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Kansas teaching standards for Glitter Bug

Standards for Grades K-4

  • Health Education
  • Content Standard: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
    • Standard 1: The student will comprehend concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention as related to:
      • c) Prevention and control of disease
    • Instructional Example: The teacher will explain germs, how disease is spread, and strategies to prevent the spread of illness; have students test the effectiveness of hand washing using Glow Germ and a black light box.
    • Benchmark 1: The student will demonstrate comprehension of basic concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention by identifying and describing relationships between well-being and the health-related behaviors in the content area.

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