Gravity Flow Wagon

Gravity flow wagons are the result of many farm accidents across the country. Grain that is emptied from the bottom of wagons can act like quicksand, sucking both adults and children to the bottom and often suffocating them. You can create a program that warns viewers about the dangers of this type of machinery and teaches valuable tips that may save someone’s life!

Design your own Gravity Flow Wagon Safety Program today! Here’s what you’ll need:

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Kansas teaching standards for Gravity Flow Wagon

Standards for Grades K-4

  • Health Education
  • Content Standard: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
    • Standard 1: The student will comprehend concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention as related to:
      • c) Injury prevention and safety
    • Instructional Example: Describe safe behaviors and accident prevention at home, school and in the community; have students create safety posters on topics such as bicycle helmet use, using smoke detectors in the home, or stranger danger.
    • Benchmark 1: The student will demonstrate comprehension of basic concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention by identifying and describing relationships between well-being and the health-related behaviors in the content area.

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