Insight from Kansas Farm Bureau

Insight from Kansas Farm Bureau



The Start of Fall Harvest


For the next few weeks, the roads will be busy because unlike the mad dash to bring in wheat in early summer, fall harvest is a marathon.

Fall Flowers on the Farm


I know these beautiful blooms are temporary and will soon begin to dry down, but I will enjoy these fall flowers in all of their beauty for the time they have.

Finding Beauty in Kansas


Kansas is a place where resilient crops and stout creatures withstand fierce weather conditions; a wide-open space that allows the most amazing views of the heavens.

Still Time to Make It Count


If you haven't responded to the 2020 Census now's your chance to help your town get the most out of the American dream. Act now while there’s still time to make your voice count.

Seeding Success


It is critical all of us as members contribute to the Foundation. I know money is tight and ag prices have seen better days. Any gift is appreciated, and all gifts go toward important work.

Election Perfection


This hat-trick of victories isn’t an aberration for VOTE FBF, which has seen a success rate topping 90 percent since its inception nearly three decades ago.

A Tourist in Kansas


Generally, the best way to spot a tourist is they either have way too much gear or not enough. We soon found ourselves in the latter category.

Swimming Through Summer


Our pool is convenient and refreshing and has become a place for my family of four to enjoy summer mornings, afternoons and evenings taking a dip.

Keeping Perspective in Politics


I will do my best to be polite and treat you with respect, even if I disagree with you. I will listen openly and share my experiences with you in a civil manner.

Voting for Agriculture


I cannot tell you just how important the upcoming primary and the general election are for our nation and for agriculture. We need to make sure the right people are elected.