Insight by John Schlageck

Insight by John Schlageck



Work this world wisely


Farmers, ranchers and those who make their living from the land, view this planet as a community to which they belong. They love, respect and care for the land. They adhere to an ethic, which enlarges the boundaries of their community to include soils, waters, plants and animals.

Storytelling in Downs April 28-29


“Our storytellers tell their tales without reading a book, using photos or showing a video,” Glennys Doane says. “They use words, inflection and cadence to create pictures and events in the listener’s mind.”

Use your head


Get out and enjoy the beauty of nature this spring. But remember, stay safe so you can enjoy working in the garden for many years to come.

After the fire


The outpouring of those wanting to help has been overwhelming. Friends helping friends. Neighbors helping neighbors. Everyone in the community and from across the country pitching in.

Agriculture is amazing


National Ag Week is March 19-25. This is a time to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by this nation’s farmers and ranchers.

Spring fever


Farmers work hard to safely apply pesticides within guidelines set by the federal government and manufacturers.

Praising Bossie


Spend time with a herd of cows and you’ll soon discover they are indeed spiritual beings. They live their entire lives in service to mankind.

The benefits of fire


Today, farmers, stockmen and landowners continue to use fire as a range management tool while maintaining the economic viability of the Flint Hills.

America's most admired


Across this country consumers believe farmers are important. When people take the time to think about their importance, most agree farmers feed everyone. They’ll tell you there isn’t anybody who doesn’t need farmers.

Winter wheat a mixed bag


“I’m still hoping for some favorable spring weather with timely moisture that will help our state’s wheat crop recover,” says Jim Sipes, Stanton County farmer.