Insight by John Schlageck

Insight by John Schlageck



Eat smart, stay healthy


Many of the major farm organizations and commodity groups provide consumer with healthy and helpful eating guidelines. Research projects on their products are contracted with qualified academic institutions, private research or food industry laboratories. Accuracy and credibility of these studies are reviewed by scientific specialists.

Uncommon courtesy today


Always remember that the hunter and landowner should discuss the terms of the hunt before hunting begins. This is extremely important. Hunters never forget, you are a guest and it is a privilege to hunt on the owner’s land.

Weather sayings


There is plenty to be said for the folk wisdom of our ancestors. They watched and charted weather patterns for generations rather than just a few hours or days. It’s fun to hear their conclusions handed down from one generation to the next, and anyway, what would we have to talk about if not for the weather?

A corn crop for the ages


David Van Patten has farmed since the 1950s. He says in his 80-plus years in Norton County, he’s never seen such an ideal summer to grow corn, or any other crop in northwestern Kansas.

Another Indian summer?


Indian summer comes and goes far sooner than any of us would like. Try to take a trip into the country soon. As you motor through farm country, notice the fields of corn, milo and soybeans. Look at the cattle, hogs and sheep grazing the pastures. Don't forget the Kansas farmer who helps feed you and your family.

No more bacon and eggs?


That’s why it’s so hard to stomach hearing about the many ways our Kansas and American farmers and ranchers are scrutinized today. Still, every year we expect farmers and ranchers to grow more and more food with less land. Every year they do so.

The untold story


While reading through such story archives, it’s not always about the words we’ve written or the photographs of the people we’ve visited that rekindle our emotions and memories. Sometimes it’s a segment of the story we didn’t write or couldn’t.

Let 'em know


“We need to know if you’re experiencing challenges with wildlife,” says Robin Jennison KDWPT secretary. “We’ll send someone to work with you on the best way to solve your problem.”

Summertime moth brigade


Outside as we waited in line for our tickets, you could smell the popcorn and glimpse at the soda machine as it dropped a cup from its innards and spewed forth an overly sweet combination of syrup, carbonated water and ice. Sometimes the cup turned sideways and the liquid missed and sprayed the hand of the kid expecting a tasty treat.

Modern farm and ranch families steeped in core values


Today, detractors of farming and ranching are making it increasingly difficult for this vital industry to progress and prosper. That’s why it’s more important than ever to share information about our skills and attributes with those unfamiliar with our calling.