Insight from Kansas Farm Bureau

Insight from Kansas Farm Bureau



Staying Afloat


The next day, K-State announced the remainder of our semester would be conducted online. Our lives came to a complete stop.

Opportunity in the Pause


It won’t be long before the world hits play and things return to normal. Now is your time to make a change.

Engaging in DC


I truly wish that everyone would have the opportunity to come to Washington, D.C. and get involved with the governance of our great nation.

Make It Count


While the Constitution only requires a simple accounting of every living soul, the census has been used since its inception to gather other vital information about the nation’s population.

Embrace Your Own Style


My 4-year-old daughter, Isannah, obsessed over the idea of a Daddy Daughter Date Night and all of the glamour associated with it.

In Pursuit of Dignity and Discipline


My dream for our country is that we rededicate ourselves to the ideal of being a nation indivisible. A nation full of people who choose to practice civility and extend respect to all around them.

Young at Heart


The YF&R program is something that is near and dear to my heart. It's where Jennifer and I got our first taste of KFB and saw the power and importance of being involved.

Outside the Fencerow


No matter what difference you want to make, leaving your fencerow in the rearview mirror likely will have a bigger effect on you than anything else.

Just Sit Right Back and You’ll Hear A Tale


Kim Baldwin's children discuss over breakfast the intricacies of seven castaways stranded on a deserted island.

Finding Your Voice


Politicians have an obligation to represent their constituents, and it is difficult to do well if citizens do not share their thoughts and opinions.