Insight by John Schlageck

Insight by John Schlageck



Wise and prudent


The struggle to maintain our freedoms and safeguard our property continues. We must persevere.

New Year's resolutions -- sort of


This year I’ve decided to do something different. I’ve compiled a list of “lesser” resolutions – some things I believe I can accomplish in 2017. Here’s what I will try to work into my new year.....

Dad was right


During inclement weather drive safely and know your limitations. Remember, if you must take a chance that could result in an accident or worse, “Stay off the road.”

The Christmas spirit is not what you drink


Most of us have a few good friends. During this Christmas season, be thankful for them. Don’t forget them during this magical time of the year. If you can’t stop by to see them, call them or drop them a text or e-mail message.

A minute with Marshall


Positive trade deals could provide Kansas farmers and ranchers with an opportunity to remain competitive in today’s global marketplace. If the United States stays on the sideline, others will continue to sign trade agreements with China, India, Japan and many other developing countries who would welcome Kansas’ high quality feed grains, protein, value-added products and manufactured goods.

Cutting wind


Western Kansas stockmen know the harder the wind blows, the lower the wind chill factor. Simply put, it is the relationship between wind speed and actual temperature that produces this chilling effect.

It could happen again


"The support we received is overwhelming,” Rickie says clearing his throat. “We couldn’t have done it without them. Thanks to all.”

The general store -- gone but not forgotten


Years ago, almost every town had one. They served as a meeting place among friends and neighbors. You could catch up on local news and wet your whistle at the same time. This long-gone establishment was the general store.

Insight: Welcome to the land of opportunity


In 1905, western Kansas was considered the new heaven on earth and destined for greatness.

Insight...Look ahead, not back


If we return to a system where everyone farms, brace yourself for even more uncertain economic times. Manual labor and animal power could spell the return of food shortages and famine.