Insight from Kansas Farm Bureau

Insight from Kansas Farm Bureau



The Story of Food


If my wife and I have trouble connecting with the people growing our food, I can only imagine the struggles others face.

Back to School Quandary


For the past few weeks my husband and I have been planting little messages into our conversations with our kiddos to begin building excitement for the new school year.

The Safety of Community


If crime or anything else is happening in your neighborhood, someone knows about it, and they will probably tell you about it. Unless they don’t know you.

Mapping the Future


While we should reflect on our accomplishments and what we have achieved over the last 100 years, this is also the time to look toward the next 100.

Farm Pond Fishing


While I enjoy the occasional challenge posed by fishing reservoirs, lakes and rivers, there’s nothing quite like fishing a well-stocked farm pond.

Plentiful Harvests


Historically, our wheat harvest generally wraps up around the start of another season: Vacation Bible School.

Embracing Disappointment


As I watched combines roll through our wheat fields, my anticipation faded with the recognition that harvest would continue through the Fourth, and we would have to cancel our trip to Wisconsin.

Surviving Together


We all get down at times, I know I did this winter. We had wave after wave of bad weather; it never let us catch a breath.

Comparative events


W e always use past events and people to give context to current experiences. Every so often the terminology changes as there become fewer people who lived through an event.

Anxiously Awaiting Harvest


We’re beginning to bake massive batches of cookies and other goodies that will sustain our wheat crew once it’s time to harvest the grain.