Insight from Kansas Farm Bureau

Insight from Kansas Farm Bureau



A Family Harvest


One of the other reasons I love wheat harvest is because the entire family is involved. Every year my kids get to help bake cookies, pack meals and distribute drinks for our harvest crew.

See It in Color


The world is not black and white. Taking a color-blind approach hides so many valuable things in the shades of gray. Our world is full of color and colorful people for a reason.

Patience and Precaution


Hang in there, take the proper precautions and we will all make it through this healthy and happy and ready for annual meetings in 2021.

Ballot Measures


Like everything else voting will be different in 2020. Polls will still open and operate, but it’s likely a record number of Kansans will cast their ballots early and through the mail.

Time in June


While the world around us may seem to be moving incredibly fast, there are constant reminders time has not changed. Seek out those reminders.

A Perfect Storm


If you can weather the storms and get through all the chaos, things typically work out in the end … or at least you have a good story to tell.

The Slow, Steady Course


I ask that each of us make the effort to share the story of how we are #stillfarming to provide the food to feed a hungry world. This is our time and our opportunity to make an impact.

Little Legacies


Everyone comes from somewhere, and the most inconsequential decisions — creating a painting, choosing a desk, buying a pocket watch — become the little legacies we leave.

Modified Calendar Events


These were all days I had planned to spend some time with my kiddos. This brought some tears to my eyes as I realized I wouldn’t be able to experience some established traditions this year.

The Eternal Hope of Farmers


Even in uncertain times, farmers forget logic and plant a crop or buy cattle and they tell themselves prices will go up, the weather will cooperate, everything will work out.