Insight from Kansas Farm Bureau

Insight from Kansas Farm Bureau



The Outsiders


It has been a long slow process but I have worked to build a reputation and found a place in the community.

Our Ever-Better World


It’s easy to conflate headlines with the actual state of humanity. It’s an understandable reaction, but it’s also a misreading of what makes news.

Thankful for Agriculture


Think about it; it’s a holiday where the main celebration is a feast. If that is not a celebration of agriculture, I don’t know what is.

Adventure Trips


These trips allowed me to see much of the United States — oftentimes many parts of this country far beyond the interstates.

Rising to the Top


In recent years, these FFA competitions have become a source of pride and excitement for me as I have watched two of my nieces vie for national championships.

Meet Me in Manhattan


Annual meetings are always a big event, but this year’s promises to be one of the biggest and best. You are not going to want to miss it, and that’s why we are making plans six weeks out.

A World of Octobers


If I could, I’d gather October in a Mason jar. Just like canning the bounties from a summer garden, I’d place this season on my pantry shelves and enjoy servings throughout the year.

Collision Course


Like many children, I once dreamed of becoming President of the United States. A big, old White House and a high-power job were awe-inspiring.

See You at the Ballot Box


In short, November’s election is more consequential for the day-to-day lives of most Kansans than anything that happens in 2020.

Why me? Why not


Whether it is in D.C., Topeka or a fourth-grade classroom, many times I wonder, why me? Why can’t I just stay home and work on my farm and forget the rest of the world exists?