Insight by John Schlageck

Insight by John Schlageck



Open doors


Consumers consider farmers responsible for the humane treatment of farm animals. In recent consumer surveys, people rated animal well-being higher than the care and well-being of workers in the food system.

Communication leads to community


Enjoy your food my friends. Eat healthy. Our farmers and livestock producers make sure do so.

Tough year for agriculture


Record crops, low commodity prices and stalled trade negotiations spell difficult times for Kansas farmers and ranchers in 2016.

Using technology wisely


Someone much wiser than me once said, minus technology, we would be just like other primates – confined to tropical regions and subject to extinction due to environmental changes. To survive, we must disturb the environment, conserve resources and continually create them.

Back to school with good food


Initiatives that connect our youth to fresh, healthy foods, a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise and healthy eating habits will go a long way toward changing this obesity endemic.

The world is my oyster


Self-absorbed. It’s all about me. I am the center of the universe. All of these words come to mind when today’s endless stream of motorists talk, tweet and Facebook while speeding down the boulevard. This recent phenomenon has become epidemic and it’s spreading.

Don't mess with perfection


A real Buffalo wing or hot wing is made from a real chicken wing section, the drumette or flat part of the bird. It is fried, unbreaded and coated in sauce. Classic Buffalo-style chicken wing sauce is composed of a vinegar-based cayenne pepper hot sauce and butter.

Vote -- make a difference


There is plenty at stake for each one of us in the Kansas primary election Aug. 2. Elected officials responsible for helping determine our future, that of our children and our agricultural industry will be chosen that day.

 Be a wise and frugal shopper


There’s a way today’s smart, frugal shoppers can save money on the family food bill.

Insight  Cover up


One out of five people in this country develops skin cancer during his/her lifetime. This is especially true of farmers, ranchers and construction workers who are in the sun much of the time.