Insight from Kansas Farm Bureau

Insight from Kansas Farm Bureau



Kids These Days


I was recently privy to observing a group of teens band together and make a positive difference in the world by helping their neighbors because of the action of one.

The Future of Feminism


There is a subtle feeling of hypocrisy that creeps into the ongoing conversation about gender on the national level.

Slow, steady and safe


We work long, hard hours on large machinery and often in remote areas. Farm accidents are something we have all either experienced or know someone who’s had one.

The Majestic Plural


“We’ll get this gate,” my grandfather would say with a chuckle as we approached the pasture. “We” of course meant me. The worse the weather, the harder he’d laugh.

Setting the Stage


When the calf was in the barn, the boys immediately fed her, and put a heat lamp on her. Over the next few days my son, husband and I taught that calf how to drink from a bottle.

The Art of Civil Discourse


Opinions, and the arguments they inevitably bring, are divisive and fierce. When we argue, call names and get ugly with each other, what do we gain?

A Century of Success


I often try to put myself in the boots of a founding member. What was their mindset? What did they hope to accomplish? What was their vision for the fledgling farm organization?

The Health Care Hurdle


Farmers and ranchers love what they do. They want their operations to continue so the next generation can carry on the tradition. For this to happen, producers need to stay healthy.

Opening our doors


During certain parts of the year I secretly cringe when someone walks into my house. It’s not that I don’t like visitors; it’s more about what my guests might see when they enter our home.

Proud to be a Millennial


I have a confession. I am proud to be a millennial. Admittedly, there are many criticisms of my generation. Some are based in the truth--young people spend more time on their phones and don’t seem to get involved in their communities.