Insight by John Schlageck

Insight by John Schlageck



Critical thinking


Another element of critical thinking is reliance on fact rather than opinion. So often in our society, the “squeaky wheel gets the grease.” The loudest or most controversial opinion receives the most attention. Need I say more about our society today?

Prairie fire


As the hypnotic orange flames raced toward our school, we all wondered about how close the fire might come, would it burn our school down and where would we go then?

Make it a safe spring planting season


Take a little extra time this upcoming spring planting season. Make a genuine commitment to safe preparation. Your health and that of your family depend on the safe operation of your farm equipment during this busy season.

Dear reader,


A treasured letter will last a lifetime. Letters are a form of communication that allow the writer to reveal some of his/her most personal thoughts. These thoughts may be critiqued and scrutinized time and time again before some letters are even mailed.

Terribly dry


For weeks Kansas ranchers have watched forecasts the serve up the possibility of rain in the seven to 10-day forecasts. By the time that period passes, there’s nothing. No moisture for the bone-dry Flint Hills.

Storm fury on the Kansas Plains


Think ahead during this upcoming severe weather season. Listen to forecasts daily, key into local weather conditions in your area. Know where your nearest shelter is and remember when a tornado threatens, immediate action may save you and your loved ones’ lives.

Withering wheat


While conditions remain “tinder-box” dry throughout much of Kansas, the Lincoln County farmer believes the potential remains to harvest a crop. However, he also knows that every day without moisture the wheat weakens, and yield potential lessens.

Total commitment


Every day, Pottawatomie County farmer/stockman Glenn Brunkow looks forward to the opportunity to care for his livestock. He knows they rely on him and he's committed. They’re part of his life just like speaking on behalf of his vocation. Brunkow speaks to people about his crop and livestock operation because that's part of his undertaking as well.

Speaking dat Hace American


In case you haven’t visited, Hace is a small city in the north-central region of Kansas. A Cow’ndy is a small district within a state and Hace is located in Ellis Cow’ndy. And Wine is a major street in Hace.

Muttonhead musings


In today’s world, food sometimes takes a bad rap. As one of my favorite comedians Rodney Dangerfield would have said, "I'll tell you Johnny, food gets no respect."