Insight from Kansas Farm Bureau

Insight from Kansas Farm Bureau



More Than Just a Beauty Pageant


Pageant week is full of community events, volunteer responsibilities and competitions. We open our businesses, homes and wallets to the pageant every year with excitement and pride.

Faith in the Future


This past week I had the honor of representing KFB at the Kansas FFA Convention, and I must admit being a bit selfish when it comes to volunteering for this gig.

A Baltimore Bookstore


You can tell if a bookstore is good the moment the smell hits you. This one had an intoxicating fragrance of leather, binding glue and aging ink.

Summer Schedules


While driving into town for school with my son recently, the topic of summer came up. For many kiddos, summer means sleeping in, swim lessons, drive-in movies or summer camps.

Insight for the week of 5/13/2019


Jackie Mundt talks about etiquette in the modern world.

A Legacy of Friends


You don’t expect someone like Jill to be gone Even though you know it is coming, it is still a shock.

Fire in the Sky


The smoke-filled air dispersed purple, red and orange hues. It looked as if the burning prairie had ignited the entire sky.

Kids These Days


I was recently privy to observing a group of teens band together and make a positive difference in the world by helping their neighbors because of the action of one.

The Future of Feminism


There is a subtle feeling of hypocrisy that creeps into the ongoing conversation about gender on the national level.

Slow, steady and safe


We work long, hard hours on large machinery and often in remote areas. Farm accidents are something we have all either experienced or know someone who’s had one.