Insight from Kansas Farm Bureau

Insight from Kansas Farm Bureau



Shots of Spring


Just as a good dose of spring makes us quickly forget the chill of winter, a shot or two this season will get us to the other side of the pandemic by summer.

Simple Signs


It’s strange to think simple signs are all around us daily. May we all occasionally notice these and allow them to energize and power us as we move forward.

The Strength to Weather Storms


My quiet moments during this bitterly cold stretch have been filled with reflections. Calving through a storm is hard work that takes a kind of deep, character-refining strength.

Sharing Our Secrets


While we may not like making the extra effort to talk about our work, I believe it is worth showing everyone the love and care we have for our profession.

Waiting for Someday


There’s a different satisfaction that comes from completing a project with that one item you saved long ago for the right occasion.

Still Pushing Forward


I admire the students (and their teachers) still pushing forward for continued self-improvement and excellence, even in the time of a pandemic.

Making Dreams True


So many of us forget to think about what it really takes to make dreams a reality. Dreams are built on hope and grow in the heart and mind of the dreamer.

Inside the Big Tent


It would be my wish that all of you could attend an AFBF convention so you could get a taste of all the types of ag, viewpoints and opinions we represent.

Strength of Unity


As individuals, it’s our duty to listen to each other if we want to mend and heal our nation. If we do this together today, I can promise you tomorrow will be brighter.

Legislative Priorities


At Kansas Farm Bureau we have three priorities in this year’s session: broadband, taxes and water. We'll keep our eye on other issues, but those are the big three.