Insight by John Schlageck

Insight by John Schlageck



The benefits of fire


Today, farmers, stockmen and landowners continue to use fire as a range management tool while maintaining the economic viability of the Flint Hills.

America's most admired


Across this country consumers believe farmers are important. When people take the time to think about their importance, most agree farmers feed everyone. They’ll tell you there isn’t anybody who doesn’t need farmers.

Winter wheat a mixed bag


“I’m still hoping for some favorable spring weather with timely moisture that will help our state’s wheat crop recover,” says Jim Sipes, Stanton County farmer.

Trade Already


The future of U.S. agriculture is tied to our competitiveness in world trade. Our country must become more aggressive and assume its leadership role in trade negotiations.

Look ahead


A farmer recently summed up the economic downturn in agriculture this way, "Times are tough, but I keep my perspective and look ahead -- my farm family and livelihood are at stake."

Happy birthday Kansas


Kansas agriculture is proud to be part of this rich rural heritage of putting food on people’s plates and helping feed the world. This state’s farmers and ranchers wish our Wheat State a happy birthday on Jan. 29.

Wise and prudent


The struggle to maintain our freedoms and safeguard our property continues. We must persevere.

New Year's resolutions -- sort of


This year I’ve decided to do something different. I’ve compiled a list of “lesser” resolutions – some things I believe I can accomplish in 2017. Here’s what I will try to work into my new year.....

Dad was right


During inclement weather drive safely and know your limitations. Remember, if you must take a chance that could result in an accident or worse, “Stay off the road.”

The Christmas spirit is not what you drink


Most of us have a few good friends. During this Christmas season, be thankful for them. Don’t forget them during this magical time of the year. If you can’t stop by to see them, call them or drop them a text or e-mail message.