Insight from Kansas Farm Bureau

Insight from Kansas Farm Bureau



A World of Octobers


If I could, I’d gather October in a Mason jar. Just like canning the bounties from a summer garden, I’d place this season on my pantry shelves and enjoy servings throughout the year.

Collision Course


Like many children, I once dreamed of becoming President of the United States. A big, old White House and a high-power job were awe-inspiring.

See You at the Ballot Box


In short, November’s election is more consequential for the day-to-day lives of most Kansans than anything that happens in 2020.

Why me? Why not


Whether it is in D.C., Topeka or a fourth-grade classroom, many times I wonder, why me? Why can’t I just stay home and work on my farm and forget the rest of the world exists?

Eve of Harvest


It’s always an exciting day when we fire up the combines and move into the fields. It means we have a crop to harvest. It also means adding many extra miles on my vehicle.

The Opportunity of Change


That is the hard part about change; it means you are losing something. Sometimes that loss is big like a loved one or our trusted coach and other times it is smaller.

The Farm Bureau Family


For John and Berna Mae Stegman, the recent loss of their son, Bernard, in an accident has brought heartache and grief. It’s also underscored the fact that family extends beyond kinship.

Insight for the Week of 08/26/2019


Glenn Brunkow talks about the retirement of WIBW's Kelly Lenz

Going Off Air


I paused for a moment last week when Kelly announced he was retiring after 41 years on the radio. Mornings meant coffee, eggs and Kelly.

The Story of Food


If my wife and I have trouble connecting with the people growing our food, I can only imagine the struggles others face.