Insight by John Schlageck

Insight by John Schlageck



Total commitment


Every day, Pottawatomie County farmer/stockman Glenn Brunkow looks forward to the opportunity to care for his livestock. He knows they rely on him and he's committed. They’re part of his life just like speaking on behalf of his vocation. Brunkow speaks to people about his crop and livestock operation because that's part of his undertaking as well.

Speaking dat Hace American


In case you haven’t visited, Hace is a small city in the north-central region of Kansas. A Cow’ndy is a small district within a state and Hace is located in Ellis Cow’ndy. And Wine is a major street in Hace.

Muttonhead musings


In today’s world, food sometimes takes a bad rap. As one of my favorite comedians Rodney Dangerfield would have said, "I'll tell you Johnny, food gets no respect."

Lead the trade train


While U.S. agriculture would like to remain positive about the possibility of keeping current trade agreements viable (NAFTA) while negotiating new deals, it appears the Trump Administration has repeatedly threatened to withdraw the United States from trade agreements. He scuttled TPP during the first week of his presidency.

Prepare for winter driving


While driving during hazardous weather brings out the worst in some drivers, it can also bring out the best in others. Drive safely and know your limitations. Remember, if you must take a chance that could result in an accident or worse, “Stay off the road.”

Healthy Choice


There is no substitute for healthy, nutritious food and drink in our daily diets. Students and adults should reach for a tall glass of water, juice or milk the next time they’re thirsty. These are truly nutritious products that belong in a daily, balanced diet.

Grassroots' participation


While some would argue the largest influence on our state’s legislature comes from special interest groups, members of the Kansas House and Senate maintain constituents exert the most.

Community journalism


Although there is no doubt print newspaper readership is slowly declining, reports about the pending death of the newspaper industry are exaggerated. Given the fragmentation of media choices, printed newspapers are holding onto their audiences. And nowhere is this truer than in rural states like Kansas.

Cut your profit margins?


I’ve yet to meet a farmer or rancher who isn’t continually searching for new, innovative ways to make profits. This week, let’s peek at the opposite end of the spectrum. Here are 10 sure-fire ways to cut your profit margins.

The gift of memory


Remember with the coming of the New Year, look to the future with hope – the confident expectation of good. Use the gift of memory to your benefit. Enjoy past experiences and remember life is what you make of it.