Insight by John Schlageck

Insight by John Schlageck



The Christmas spirit is not what you drink


The greatest gift associated with Christmas is the one of caring for one another. This gift is also the ultimate Christmas story – God’s love for man.

Agriculture can do the job


World population is projected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050. The current world population of 7.3 billion is expected to reach 8.5 billion by 2030 and 11.2 billion in 2100. Most of these people will be born in the hungry parts of the world.

Silence is golden


If you want to be a clever person, you must learn how to ask cleverly, how to listen attentively, how to respond quietly and how to stop talking when there is nothing more to say.

Where we live


Everyone who lived in Seguin was a member of the community and part of our town. Didn’t matter who you were, where you lived, how old you were or whatever else. Our community was a place of human and humane values.

Give thanks


But what about the real reason for thanksgiving – what about the act of giving thanks or a prayer expressing gratitude?

In praise of hunting


Today, hunting in America offers two major benefits to society: wildlife management and an economic boost.

Vote Nov. 6


Urge your friends, family and neighbors to cast their votes Nov. 6. Vote your heart, mind and the issues – not just party lines.

Rain from east to west


“Every once in a while, we’re blessed with a full profile of moisture in our fields during the spring, but not like this in the fall,” Roger Glenn, Finney County farmer says. “We finished drilling our wheat two days before the rain came and the new crop has emerged and looks really good – thick, green and lush. This new crop will really pop once the sun comes out and we have some more fall-like days.”

Supermarket shenanigans


As you begin shopping at your local supermarket, start with the baked goods and the smell. You can’t help but follow your nose as you begin salivating and increase your speed toward the apple fritters. In less than two minutes, you’ve purchased a dozen tasty treats. Yum.

Cutting cattle numbers


We’re starting to pregnancy check our herd and we’re seeing more open (not with calf) cows than we normally do,” the long-time cattleman says. “I’m sure weaning weights on the calves will be less this year as well.”