Insight by John Schlageck

Insight by John Schlageck



Modern farm and ranch families steeped in core values


Today, detractors of farming and ranching are making it increasingly difficult for this vital industry to progress and prosper. That’s why it’s more important than ever to share information about our skills and attributes with those unfamiliar with our calling.

Connect on a value's basis


Just like their urban cousins, they remain committed to their chosen vocation. They live and breathe animal husbandry – the care and nurturing of their livestock. Livestock producers continually think about their charge.

Sweltering in the 'dog days' of summer


With the hottest days of summer bearing down on Kansas reach for your water bottle and keep your straw hat firmly anchored on your head. The rest of the summer may be a real scorcher – maybe even one for the record books.

Finally -- good news for agriculture


“We’re really fortunate,” Bogart says. “Believe me, it may be many years before we harvest such a (wheat) crop again.”

Prickly pear cactus


When the Schick brothers finally finished the prickly pear excavation project, their uncle and grandfather received payment from the government. The sum of approximately $32.50 was considered a gold mine back then.

Develop dialogue


While no one understands agriculture like farmers and ranchers, we must encourage and foster dialogues with those who know little about this profession. This includes people outside our comfort zone – someone we may not talk to about what we do like city cousins, foodies, medics, lawyers, etc.

Sow the seeds


For generations, children who grow up and work with their parents on the family farm have learned valuable skills about cultivating crops. While they are learning to sow seeds, cultivate weeds and harvest grains, flowers and vegetables they are also gaining knowledge.

Harvest safety


Operator knowledge and attitude remain the key to a smooth, well-oiled wheat harvest. A safe operator knows his skills, limitations and condition, both physical and emotional.

Fire up the grill


Nutritionists believe lean meats, eaten in moderation as part of a varied diet are not expected to become a cause of heart disease or cancer. While there will be changes in production methods and processing techniques, the beef steak, pork roast and lamb chops are here to stay.

'Just a farmer'


Farmers and ranchers are responsible for the food we buy in our grocery stores and serve to our families each day.