Youth Organizations

Kansas Farm Bureau exists to strengthen agriculture and the lives of Kansans through advocacy, education and service. Part of that commitment involves supporting youth interested in agriculture through valuable information, financial assistance and opportunities to grow.

County Farm Bureau Activities

Most of this activity happens on the county level where county boards and members can build relationships with 4-H and FFA leaders and members and work together to serve the community. Here are some of the ways Farm Bureau members are working with youth organizations on the local level:

  • Financial sponsorship of chapter items and activities
  • Presence and support at the county and state fair
  • Purchase of county fair auction items
  • FFA ambassadors to county Farm Bureau boards
  • Scholarships for graduating seniors
  • Volunteer support for youth competitions
  • Invitations to county Farm Bureau activities
  • Cooperation in local ag education activities

State Farm Bureau Involvement

Additionally, Kansas Farm Bureau works with state-wide initiatives of youth organizations in the following ways: 

  • Workshops at youth conferences
  • Invitations for youth leadership participation at the KFB Annual Meeting and YF&R Leaders Conference
  • Volunteer leadership on organization, alumni, foundation and scholarship boards and committees
  • Kansas FFA Discussion Meet sponsorship and coordination
  • FFA-KFB Community Grant Program sponsorship
  • Kansas Agricultural Education Novice Teacher Training & Enrichment sponsorship
  • Kansas FFA Star in Agricultural Placement sponsorship
  • New Ag Education Program/FFA Chapter support

Youth Organization News

Youth Organization Links

If you are a youth organization interested in connecting with Farm Bureau, click here and look at the section "County Farm Bureaus" to contact your county coordinator to talk about opportunities for collaboration and sponsorship or reach out to for state-wide opportunities.