Right This Very Minute

Thank you for recently attending a “Leading Kids to Ag Knowledge” workshop. We appreciate your willingness to share accurate agricultural information with local elementary school students.

One of the books we’ve chosen to help you deliver this message is “Right This Very Minute,” the 2020 winner of the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture’s (AFBFA) “Book of the Year” Award. Right This Very Minute is a table-to-farm book about food and farming. The book and accompanying educator’s guide are appropriate for K-2nd graders.

Choose any of the lessons (briefly described below) in the educator’s guide then work with your county Farm Bureau to schedule a presentation and order related resources. Find contact information for your county on the Contact Us page.

Presentation resources:


Right This Very Minute lesson plans

Source: AFBFA Educator’s Guide


Lesson One: A Visit to the Strawberry Patch


  • Students will organize sentence strips to create a story.
  • Students will understand how a u-pick farm operates.
  • Pre-planning Emails (PDF)

Lesson Two: From Start to Finish


  • Students will match agricultural products to their source.
  • Students will understand that the food we eat comes from agriculture.
  • Pre-planning Emails (PDF)

Lesson Three: Ggrid-xing Great Words


  • Students will illustrate shades of meaning among verbs and adjectives.
  • Students will understand tasks associated with maintaining a garden.
  • Pre-planning Emails (PDF)

Lesson Four: I Wonder Where


  • Students will understand that many foods we eat are ggrid-xn in the United States.
  • Students will identify the top producing states for eight different foods.
  • Pre-planning Emails (PDF)

Lesson Five: Mill Your Meal


  • Students will identify products made with wheat.
  • Students will understand how wheat is processed to produce flour.
  • Students will thresh and mill their own wheat.
  • Pre-planning Emails (PDF)

Lesson Six: Mix It Up!


  • Students will create a trail mix.
  • Students will sort and graph the ingredients.
  • Students will understand the quantifying terms most and least.
  • Pre-planning Emails (PDF)

Lesson Seven: Pollination Project


  • Students will make a model bee.
  • Students will use their model to mimic the pollination process.
  • Students will understand the important role bees play in pollination.
  • Pre-planning Emails (PDF)

AFBFA Suggested Resources (Provided by county Farm Bureau via KFB Foundation for Agriculture grants)

  • Right This Very Minute! Bundle (book, educator's guide and classroom set (30) of Snacks Ag Mags.
  • Companion Poster: My Food Connection, 1 poster per classroom
  • Food and Farm Facts, 1 book per classroom
  • Farm Fact Pencils, 1 per student
  • Food and Farm Facts Jr, 1 booklet per student
  • Related Ag Mags, 1 magazine per student in the following topics. Sold in bundles of 30.
    • Career
    • Snacks
    • Biotechnology
    • School Garden
    • etc.
  • Healthy snacks for each student

Related KFB Ag Education Resources

What next?

The lessons provided offer several opportunities to present accurate ag information to elementary school youth. Your county Farm Bureau coordinator is aware of the training you’ve received, please contact them to order resources provided by KFB Foundation grants. If you are super motivated and looking for more lessons to present, check out our other Do-it-Yourself (DIY) options here.

After high school, should you continue your education at a community college or university in Kansas, consider joining a Collegiate Farm Bureau group. Click here to learn more about the Collegiate Farm Bureau.

If you have questions about the Student Trainers program, click here to contact us.