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What kinds of projects are funded?

KFB Foundation for Agriculture grants will be considered for the following programs:

  1. Agriculture educational programs for key segments of the urban, suburban and rural population, e.g., children, adults, teachers and retirees to improve their perceptions and increase their understanding of agriculture and its importance in their lives and to our economy
  2. Agriculture leadership programs for key segments of the urban, suburban and rural population, e.g., youth and adults to improve their leadership skills and involvement in leadership to benefit agriculture and rural communities

How do I apply?

Click here to fill out your application online.

You will receive an email with your awarded grants. Funds will be distributed upon completion of the granted purpose once a Grant Activity Report is completed and returned to the KFB Foundation for Agriculture.

Click here to fill out the grant activity report after your event.

Who Is Eligible?

Kansas certified educators of Grades K-6 who are integrating agriculture into their classroom lessons.

What is the grant?

Grant winners will receive up to $400 to be used to purchase supplies related to agricultural lessons or projects including but not limited to: garden equipment, materials for hands-on activities, literature books and lab supplies.

What Are The Criteria For Selection?

The project must be creative and interesting to students and help them become more knowledgeable about the food, fuel and/or fiber system in the agriculture industry. Successful projects will:

  • Incorporate one of Kansas Farm Bureau’s Kailey’s Ag Adventure Children’s Book Series into the project if teaching grades K-3.
  • Highlight creative strategies for integrating information, activities and resources about agriculture into core subject areas including science, social studies, math, and language arts
  • Correlate lessons and activities to Learning Standards

How Do I Apply?

Complete an application and include the information requested on a separate sheet in the order listed in the instructions.

A printable copy of the Teaching Grant description can be downloaded here.

A printable copy of the Teaching Grant application can be downloaded here.

Applications can be mailed or submitted via email to

For the school year, applications may be submitted between June 1 and April 1. Applicants will be notified of the status of their grant application within four weeks their application is received. One-half of the grant award (up to $200) will be provided to start the project. Keep all start-up expense receipts for submitting with the final report. The balance of the grant request (up to $200) will be paid upon receipt of all expense receipts and a final project report, which are due by May 1.

One (1) grant - $1,000


  • Must be a Farm Bureau member in Kansas
  • Must be an individual attending programs and activities that support the general promotion of farming practices that are friendly to the environment

A printable copy of the application  can be  downloaded here


The Kansas Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture received a gift from Emma Bahr-Miller to honor her husband the late Godfrey Miller by establishing this grant. As a farmer he understood the role of farmers and ranchers in caring for the land they work and manage.