(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

About Kansas Farm Bureau

Where is Kansas Farm Bureau?

As a grassroots organization, there is a county Farm Bureau in each of Kansas' 105 counties. Kansas Farm Bureau, the state organization, is in Manhattan.

To learn more about about KFB visit our about section.

Why you should be a Farm Bureau member in Kansas and how to join

Why should I become a member?

You are supporting farmers and ranchers of Kansas – the ones who help provide the food you eat, the clothes you wear and the shelter you enjoy. As a Farm Bureau member in Kansas, you are a part of the largest farm organization in the state while supporting Kansas communities. In addition to belonging, you receive exclusive member benefits that essentially pay your membership dues for you. No matter if you live in a large city or a small town, Kansas Farm Bureau has something for everyone.

What are the benefits of being a member of KFB?

In addition to supporting your local community and farmers and ranchers, there are many money-saving benefits. Please visit www.kfb.org/benefits for a list of our current benefits. These are subject to change at any time.

Can I be a member of KFB even though I don't need insurance?

Yes! Your membership shows support for Kansas farmers and ranchers who work tirelessly to provide food to us and our neighbors across the globe. Insurance services are a benefit of having a membership. Click here to become a member today!

How can I join KFB?

Click here to join online or call our office at (800) 406-3053 ext. 6606 if you would like assistance.

Membership Payments

How much is it to be a Farm Bureau member in Kansas?

Membership dues vary by county. If you're a new member and you want to find out how much your dues would be, email memberservices@kfb.org or to find contact info for the county Farm Bureau you'd like to join, click here then use the drop-down menu under 'County Farm Bureaus'. If you're an existing member, click here to login to your account. Under the renew link you will be able to see how much your current dues are and pay for your membership.

What type of credit cards do you accept to pay for memberships?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards. We do not accept American Express credit cards.

When will I receive my membership cards?

Membership cards are mailed out on the 15th of every month. You should receive your cards within 45 days of joining KFB. If you do not receive your cards, please send us an email at memberservices@kfb.org or contact us here.

I paid my membership, why does it still show as expired?

If your account was more than one year past due, then you may need to make another payment before your account is current. If you were not more than one year past-due and mailed in a check, please let us know if that check has cleared your bank by sending us an email to memberservices@kfb.org or contact us here.

Why didn't I receive a bill to pay my membership?

If you did not receive your membership bill, please contact us at memberservices@kfb.org with your current address to make sure we have the correct information on file. You may have also signed up for e-statements and missed the email when it was sent saying your payment was due. You can always click here to pay your membership online. If you are on combined billing for your membership, you would have been billed for your membership when you paid your last insurance bill.

Why can't I pay my membership online?

If your membership is on combined billing along with your insurance premiums, you will not be able to pay online at www.kfb.org. You will need to visit the FBFS website to pay that bill. Also, you are now required to provide an email address when you pay online.

What is combined billing?

Combined billing is the practice of combining your membership billing with your insurance premium. Your membership will be billed on the same invoice as your insurance policies. Memberships will be added onto the first billing cycle of the insurance policy. Membership dollars are taken out of the payment first. So, if you do not pay the full amount, it will short your insurance premiums.

Can I pay part of my membership now and the rest later?

No. Payments are required to be made in full. We do not accept partial payments.

How do I update my address and email with KFB?

Please send any changes to memberservices@kfb.org or click here to login to our website and update your account information under the MY ACCOUNT link.

What is the difference between my membership and policy number?

Your membership number will start with "150" followed by six additional digits. This number gives you access to our website and the member benefit app. Your policy number is the number the insurance company uses for your insurance policies.

Member Benefits

Where can I find the discount codes for member benefits?

You can access all the information about member benefits including discounts at www.kfb.org/benefits. You will need to use your membership number to create a website account to access the discount codes. Login with your membership number to access the discount codes.

How do I get the Verizon benefit?

To access the Verizon discount for a qualifying plan, you must login to the kfb.org website . Once you've logged in, go to Benefits area. Click the Verizon logo and follow the instructions to apply for the discount. This can only be done online, and you will also need your Verizon account information to proceed. Never at any point do you need to call Verizon or visit a store to get this discount.

Do you still have the Sam's Club discount?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a Sam's Club discount currently. Please check back in the future as our benefits change frequently.

Why should I download the KFB benefit app?

You'll get easy access to special benefits for Farm Bureau members. The app makes it easy to browse for member benefits by category, name and location. You also have the member benefit card on the app as well as any insured vehicle information.

Programs and Involvement

What are ways that I can be involved in Farm Bureau?

There's something for everyone in Farm Bureau. You may want to connect with your county Farm Bureau first to see how you can get involved there. Counties always need more help with kids' ag education programming, organizing and running events and sometimes even serving on the board of directors. At the state level, there are opportunities to learn about agriculture in Kansas and beyond, refine your leadership skills, grow your network, add your voice to advocacy efforts, earn recognition and even serve in a leadership role. If you aren't sure where to start, tell us about your interests on this form and someone will reach out to connect you with the right opportunities.

What is the role of the Training & Education Department at Farm Bureau?

The Training & Education department supports members by providing ag education and safety resources and training, promoting youth involvement with the organization, programming for college students and young farmers and ranchers to be successful on the farm, in the classroom and throughout the community, organizing and facilitating opportunities for members to grow their leadership skills and effectively dealing with challenges on their farms and at the county Farm Bureau. This happens through online resources, in-person events and trainings and customized content for counties and districts developed and presented by KFB staff.

What is the criteria to apply for Century Farm recognition?

You must have a paid Kansas Farm Bureau membership; Ownership of land within same family for 100 or more years with at least 80 acres of original Kansas farmland; Present owner must be related to original owner; Application must be submitted to county Farm Bureau office by deadline date. Click here to go to the application.

What is the Young Farmers and Ranchers Conference?

They YF&R Conference is a weekend gathering of people from all over the state who are beginning or aspiring to a career in agriculture. Most are between the ages of 18-35, but anyone who finds the content relevant is welcome. The event features keynote speakers, workshops, tours, competitions and several opportunities to network with peers and ag leaders. Learn more here.

What is the purpose of Collegiate Farm Bureau?

Collegiate Farm Bureau seeks to support students with a background and/or interest in agriculture, enhance the educational opportunities for students by going beyond the classroom or their campus, and develop the next generation of leaders serving Farm Bureau and the agriculture industry throughout Kansas.

How much does it cost and what are the benefits of being a Collegiate Farm Bureau Member?

Chapters set their own dues and generally range from $10-$25. Collegiate Farm Bureau members have all the same benefits as any other Farm Bureau member in the state. Specifically, Collegiate Farm Bureau provides an opportunity on most college campuses to connect with the agriculture industry as a whole, as opposed to the many major-specific clubs. Some members seek the educational benefits of chapter, county and state events, others appreciate the opportunities to advocate or serve, many value the ability to apply for scholarships through the KFB Foundation for Agriculture and most enjoy the network building and leadership development.

What is a discussion meet?

A discussion meet is a competition held at the FFA, Collegiate Farm Bureau, and Young Farmers & Ranchers levels that helps people recognize and develop the skills necessary to be effective committee or board members. It simulates a committee meeting where participants know the topic ahead of time and discuss their insight and observations with others in order to work toward practical solutions to move forward. Participants are scored on their ability to analyze a problem, develop and examine solutions, work cooperatively and speak with confidence and clarity.

What educational resources does Kansas Farm Bureau provide?

Kansas Farm Bureau provides a children's book series with related lesson plans, ag education DIY lesson plans, and safety lesson plans plus brochures. Ideas for educational displays that could be used at an event such as a county fair are also available. Go here to find these resources and click the one you want to explore on the left-hand side of the webpage.

Where can I find the Farm Fatalities in Kansas report?

The report is regularly updated and located under “KFB Safety News”. It may not always be the first article, so keep scrolling until you find it.

I drove across western Kansas. There's nobody left out there!

Production agriculture and rural life in Kansas is smack in the middle of massive structural change. Climate, technology and dwindling rural populations are cultural game changers for us. Kansas Farm Bureau is deeply involved with conversations, partnerships and strategies aimed at mitigating this change. We exist to add value to the lives of the women, men and families who make a conscious, purposeful decision to build a life on the farm or ranch. ?


How is Kansas Farm Bureau policy developed?

We don't joke around when we say we're a “grassroots” organization. Every Farm Bureau member in Kansas can provide input and give suggestions on the policy of the organization. The state Resolutions Committee drafts the policy and voting delegates vote on the final version during our annual meeting every December. The Resolutions Committee spends time discussing issues in the industry and reviewing field reports. If you have a policy suggestion you can submit it electronically here.

Is Kansas Farm Bureau's policy book available to the public?

Yes! Each year, after voting delegates vote on resolutions at Kansas Farm Bureau's Annual Meeting in December, the finalized book is made available electronically here. Anyone can access the document.

What if I don't agree with Kansas Farm Bureau's Policy?

Kansas Farm Bureau's policy book is the cornerstone of our organization. We use the farmer and rancher member-developed policy to guide our organization as we strive to strengthen the lives of Kansans through advocacy, education and service. We represent more than 30,000 farmers and ranchers in Kansas, so it is important for members to make their voice known throughout the year at Issue Surfacing meetings, Listening Posts, county board meetings and KFB's annual meeting. If you have a policy concern, start by filling out this online form.

In what ways is Kansas Farm Bureau the “voice of agriculture” specifically in Topeka and DC?

Decisions are made every day in Topeka and Washington, D.C., that could potentially have adverse effects on agriculture and your rural lifestyle. We work hard to share your story with lawmakers along with a team of lobbyists whose sole mission is to make sure farmers and ranchers are being represented.

How can I get real-time alerts on big issues?

Simply sign up for KFB Action Alerts. Action Alerts are sent when we need our members to “show up” and share their story. After you sign up, you will be easily connected and ready to reach out to your elected officials through e-mail, Facebook or Twitter when a hot issue arises. What used to be an overwhelming process is now at the tip of your fingers. Get the background, facts and a template for your message and join us as we strive to be “the voice of agriculture.”

How do I know what Kansas Farm Bureau is doing during the legislative session?

Our weekly legislative update gives you access to KFB's testimony, informational handouts and ensures you remain up-to-date on conversations taking place in Topeka. Learn about our victories and even our losses and how fellow members are sharing their stories within the capitol walls. Your voice matters.?Be informed. Be ready.

What is VOTE FBF?

VOTE FBF stands for Voters Organized To Elect Farm Bureau Friends. VOTE FBF is a PAC (political action committee) established to assist the nomination, election or selection to public office qualified candidates who have demonstrated basic beliefs and/or actions which are consistent with Farm Bureau policies, regardless of political affiliation. When you support VOTE FBF, you support a vote for agriculture. Only active members of Kansas Farm Bureau can participate in VOTE FBF. Learn how you can help protect the future of farming and ranching here.

Legal Services

Do you offer legal help?

Yes, you can find all the information on Kansas Farm Bureau's Legal Foundation and its provided services at this website. FAQs related directly to the Legal Foundation can be found here.

Where can I go to find answers to common legal questions?

The Kansas Farm Bureau Legal Foundation has many legal resources on its webpage. The resources are arranged by topic and are searchable. You can view them here.

Associate Members

Can I support farmers and ranchers without being involved in agriculture?

Absolutely! Even if you're not directly involved with agriculture, you can still be what we designate an “associate” member of Kansas Farm Bureau. We offer the same great benefits, as well as a quarterly magazine called "Kansas Living" geared toward connecting with you – the consumer. To see some great articles about farm families, recipes and things to do in Kansas, go here.

Gluten, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics in meat. How do I know the stuff you guys grow is safe for my children?

Farmers and ranchers work tirelessly to grow food that's wholesome, safe and delicious. We'd love for you to meet some of these folks. Hop on over to kansaslivingmagazine.com or better yet, join our organization today and you'll receive a quarterly magazine that's geared toward answering just these types of questions.

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